ECOMANAGEMENT - yesterday’s knowledge tomorrow’s know-how - is a project that is part of the ERASMUS + strategic partnership European programme for adults. The project will last from October 2017 to September 2019.

The project is about sustainable development and the development of each project area by the local people. The goal is for seniors and other citizens to work together - particularly with young people at risk, on the one hand, and the local people and their communities, on the other.

The project builds on the knowledge and techniques that the ‘old’ have of the area where they live. 

As part of the Europe 2020 strategy, six partners have come together to develop tools to ensure best practices for the intergenerational transfer of know-how.

During the ECOMANAGEMENTproject, four newsletters will be prepared and made available to the general public. These Newsletters will include information on the progress of the project and its highlights.

The ECOMANAGEMENT project aims to take into account the environmental impact of land management changes in recent decades, to assess the impact and to reduce it by applying a sustainable development perspective.

To do this, work will be conducted between, on the one hand, senior citizens - holders of traditional skills - and, on the other hand, citizens/young people in difficult, in a search of a forgotten wealth, a priceless resource at the time where the fight against climate change is omnipresent and pressing.

Building on these skills and techniques at European level will not only bring together young and older people within a common project - protection, conservation and promotion of a shared space - but equally to translate this ancestral legacy into useful tools, which can be usable and used by all, empowering local people and helping them to find jobs: the development and acquisition of social and civic skills, technical know-how, and a network of local and European stakeholders, European mobility, etc.

Finally, the project proposes a formal and sustained dialogue between public bodies and local stakeholders around the issue of heritage promotion as well as networking at a European level.