Ethnographic Studies

The object of the Ethnographical studies is to deepen knowledge of the traditional knowledge and skills through interviews (conducted mainly by young people) of the holders of that knowledge (mainly older members of the community).  

One objective of the process is to generate a set of skills among the young people through the preparation for and transcription of the interviews and surveys.

While a list of topics to be discussed is formulated in the preparation for the interviews, the ethnographic approach looks for an unstructured interview style allowing the conversation to develop as seems most appropriate and useful. 

Examples of the ethnographic studies included traditional cheesemaking in Scotland where ninety-five year old James Finlay was questioned by three young people about his memories of cheesemaking on the farm after which they also interviewed the current cheesemaker and took part in the production of that day’s cheese.

In Greece traditional tapestry and weaving followed the process from sheep to final article.

In each case the interviews were recorder, either audio or film and sometimes both to provide a record.

Interview preparation


Interview in progress and filming

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These individual reports for each region provide a detailed summary of the ethnographic survey work carried out by each partner.

(These reports are in French)


These individual area reports are in French with the exception of the Scottish one which is in English

France: Alpes de Lumiere

France: Corse

Ecosse (UK)