O1 Good Practice

 The first output of the project is the collection of examples of good practice from each of the partner areas.  From these examples an indication can be drawn of what methods work best.


O3 Ethnological field surveys

The object of the Ethnographical studies is to deepen knowledge of the traditional knowledge and skills through interviews (conducted mainly by young people) of the holders of that knowledge (mainly older members of the community).

O4 Implementation of training/activities

This section proposes practical methods and tools for educational events/activities in the different areas of the project, as identified by the partners and target groups (young people, senior knowledge holders, local authorities and social partners).

O5 Exploitation/Dissemination

A key objective of the project is to present the various options for planning and running Ecomanagment projects in other communities.  The documents and support materials on the website provide a toolkit to enable this to happen.